Real Estate Agent

  • Why should a real estate agent recommend a Home Inspection to a buyer?

    The real estate agent is the link between the buyer and seller. Recommending a Home Inspection would certainly provide a sense of professionalism, as the agent would be demonstrably trying to secure the interests and satisfaction of his clients by offering a better sense of security and confidence in the transaction.

    Can a Home Inspection “ruin” a transaction by assessing a home to not be fit for purpose?

    Absolutely not. It is not a Home Inspector’s task to judge whether a home is fit for the buyer’s purpose or not, nor will he take part in estimating its price. His role is to provide as much information as possible so that the transaction can proceed with more confidence. Realistically, every house has issues to some extent. Even if a house is found to have an issue that will discourage the buyer from going through with the purchase, you can be certain that you will have earned their trust for showing professionalism by recommending the service In the first place, and they will still buy a house through you. This kind of reputation will work in your benefit.

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